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Prius Plugin Conversions at eMotors

Gen 2 Prius (2004-2009) 10kwh Lithium Complete Pack Replacement

We call this the Prius-to-EV Kit

$12,750 Installed, plus tax

- Works on any Gen2 Prius, even if Hybrid battery is worn-out

- Completely replaces the stock 1.2kWh Prius pack with a 10kWh Lithium Pack

- Up to 30-40 miles all EV range around town

- Top speed over 50mph in pure EV mode (reduced range)

- Blended Speeds(Electric + Gas) over 70mph

- 100MPG in Blended mode; for 60-100 miles per charge

- Replaces OEM pack, or simply augment your OEM pack

- Includes rear suspension upgrade

- Optimized regenerative capture for mountain descents

- Fully-Automatic; Simple one-button operation

- Standard Charge-Rate 8 Amps; other Charger options below

- 2 year manufacturers warranty


- J1772 Charge port option
- Android System Parameter Monitor
- Bluetooth Dongle
- Higher kWh Charger up to 15A
(PFC 2000+ Battery Charger)

We also offer other Prius Plugin Conversion Kits, such as a 10kWh non-full-replacment pack, which retains your stock Prius 1.2kWh NiMh Pack; Please Enquire

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